Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Better late then never

Whats up Little people?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Check This Out

Ok people heres what you need to do.
Take a look at this web site& tell me what you think?
This is a great product that my wife is using.. its So Awesome! Please let me know what you think. and share it with your friends.. Also if you want to make some money hit me up!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Royal Bliss
Is one of the Best Bands out there.
They are forsure the best to have come out of utah!
I have some of their best of songs on my music player. Look toward the bottom of the page to find my music player, and Enjoy some Royal Bliss.

P.S. I know these guys too, back 9 yrs ago I use to party with them when they first were getting started!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I know its about time we put something on here. Neither Ashley or I have the time to deal with this.

There are just more important thing going on in our lives.

I have been working at nights tyring to finish the basement. Ashley has been killing herself to keep 3 kids healthy, and a house in order.

As some of you may know, we had a baby boy on Nove,ber 13, 2008..

We gave hims the name Xander Carl Petersen.. he is so proud. he has to be the most serious little baby.

Never cracks a smile. he looks like a grumpy man, with a baby cuteness.. All of our kids have been the cutest babies, they must get it from Ashley!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The 4 True Principles fro the Year!

I think Its time for me to type something..
BYU is going to kick Utah's A$$ all day long! I can not wait for that game. I think we (anyone invited) show have a Big Tail gate type party the day of the game. This could be one of the Biggest Rival games in a long time. Especially if both teams can stay away from losing.

We all need to bend over & ki$$ our sorry butts good bye If Obama wins the Presidency!
I don't think he will but the world is full of enough stupid people that anything is possible!

Congress & the Senate
. If your in now, I WILL NOT Be Voting for you when reelection comes around for you.
Its not the Bush Administration that's dug us in this hell hole. Its a worthless people that haven't done anything good for the Nation in years!
What have you past?
How has it made us better as a Nation?
When are you going to stop taking so many vacations?
What do you get paid?
How much money do I pay for you to be in Government?

You are all a bunch of worthless not good dirty Terrorist, slowly killing My Country!
Go to Hell!

We will be OK
if we are prepared, both physically, and Spiritually!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birhtday Ashley

Thats Right People My wife Ashley was born September 11, 1981 which makes her 27 years old!

she would love for people to Remind her of that.

Happy birthday Ashley!

September 11 is a day that we all know about the History of this day! A day in which people of our day will always remember. The time will come when their will be but one survivor alive to tell the store of September 11 2001.

This day was our centuries great moment in History! What had happened, how we reacted, How we united as a people, And how we remembered this day.

Its sad when our Country can not seem to pull it together, and realize how important our Freedoms are. The older I get the less proud I'm of our Country. We are falling apart. People are blinded by the evil Power Hungry politicians that we seems to think are the Answers to our problems. Obama is not a god, He is not the Answer, nothing but a smooth talking, I'm better the YOU ass.

I want people that are lead by the spirit of God. People Like our Founding Fathers. Now they where lead by something much more powerful then man himself. They stood up for each other!

Show me someone that will give true Service for their this Country, then I have a reason to vote, and be excited about. Not just a president, also Senate, and Congress are all Power Hungry swines..

Us the average person can make a difference. Join the Military, go to church, and pray for this Great land, teach your owe kids about drugs, sex and crimes. Get up and show Our Government that we don't need them for every little thing in our lives, we just need them to stay off our backs! Take responsibility, and stand up and Fight!

Freedom Isn't Free

You have got to love this Game!